We provide private equity and financing to start-ups and other small to medium enterprises that we believe have a long term growth potential.

Being aware of the problems faced by most SMEs, we are cognizant of the bind they find themselves in mostly being considered too small or too immature to qualify for bank lending.

At the same time, most financial institutions see them as too risky to take a chance on them.

That’s where we come in. We provide financial backing, training and the supervision necessary to see them thrive.

We also provide technical and managerial expertise to assist you to grow and expand.

We train and assist entrepreneurs to start and run truly successful businesses by providing them with all the tools and resources necessary to achieve their dreams.

We hold your hand on your entrepreneurial journey and stay with you every step of the way until you achieve your maximum potential and beyond.

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3629 Parkridge Dr, suite 205. Dallas, Tx 75234. USA.

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+254 799 405 561, +254 796 304 197, +1 972 464 9971, Landline: +254 20249 5596



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